Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love my job!

Destination photography locations aren’t just for weddings. Engagement sessions are of course also great reasons for destination photoshoots but so are important anniversaries or personal celebrations of some kind. Also, you might think of in general booking your next family portrait session while away on vacation somewhere. This will allow you to not only have professional images of you taken in scenic locations but also so that when you update your family portraits in your home, they aren’t always taken in the same places.

Last month took me to the coast of France for one of these such sessions, in the beautiful town of Nice for a lovely portrait session. If you’ve never been to Nice, it’s at a point where a mountain range meets the sea and just as picturesque as you might imagine. Located along the French Riviera (aka Côte d’Azur), the water in Nice is crystal clear and perfect for snorkeling or even scuba diving. The beach itself is made up of rocks. Not pebbles as you might think for a beach, but stones of a good size, and although they are quite tricky to walk on barefoot, they make for a wonderfully textured backdrop for portraits. Bhavana and Ravi were so sweet to wobble around in dress shoes on them so that I could get the look I had envisioned for them.  

Of course, our shoot was one of those situations where we had only one evening that was possible for taking portraits, and at that, they had to be taken right at the very end of the day because of scheduling, AND it had rained the two days before our shoot day. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous as to what was going to happen with my dream French shoot location. Luck was definitely on our side though and the day of our shoot everything came perfectly together, including a sunset filled with a pink and purple sky! Swooooon!

I can’t wait to see these hanging as large wall art in their home! Enjoy some of the highlights below.

portraits of couple on beach in Nice

If you’re thinking a portrait session overseas or out-of-state might be fun, schedule a call to see what options might exist to make it happen. Not only is bringing your photographer always an option, but if travel dates and locations coincide, the travel fee may be waved, or at the very least we may be able to connect you to a photographer in the area that you would be traveling too.