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Impactful Images All Year Round

High-quality, professional photos are one of the most essential branding assets for businesses and entrepreneurs these days. And in order to stand out in your niche, stock photos just won’t cut it.

Your clients and customers want to see images in your marketing and online presence that are relatable, that feel authentic to what you do and the services you provide, and that feel aligned with their own needs and wants. They like seeing the behind-the-scenes of how the magic is made and who is the person or team making it happen.

Whether you provide local products or services, a course or workshop, even an online coaching program, having high-quality professional images can immediately elevate your brand in a crowded market.

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Benefits of a Membership

Save Money: Booking an annual contract can save between 15% and 25% over our regular hourly rate.

Increase Efficiency: By having photoshoots with planning meetings regularly scheduled, you can spend less time worrying about what to post and putting together all of the content by yourself, and instead let us streamline the planning and image crafting so that you can get back to focusing on other key parts of your business.

Leverage Marketing Streams: Every Branding Membership client gets routine shoutouts and shares on our social media channels every time we shoot together, meaning expanding your audience without any additional work!

Take Advantage of Extra BTS: Any behind-the-scene video content that our team creates from your Branding Membership shoot, we'll make sure to share with you so that you can repurpose it for your own social media accounts.

Membership Options to Level-Up Your Brand...

Quarterly Membership

$1300per quarter
  • 4 Sessions Per 12-month Subscription
  • Up to 2 hours of photography time
  • 40 edited images
  • *Pre-shoot strategy and marketing meeting
  • *Props, wardrobe, and location planning
  • *Personalized mood board and shot list
  • *Private online gallery
  • *Print-resolution and web-ready files
  • *Consistent look and feel of your brand
  • *Connect and convert your ideal client

Monthly Membership

$600per month
  • 12 Sessions Per 12-month Subscription
  • Up to 1 hour of photography time
  • 15 edited images
  • *Pre-shoot strategy and marketing meeting
  • *Props, wardrobe, and location planning
  • *Personalized mood board and shot list
  • *Private online gallery
  • *Print-resolution and web-ready files
  • *Consistent look and feel of your brand
  • *Connect and convert your ideal client

Yes! I want in!

    Curious, but have questions...


    Who are these memberships for?

    Branding Photography Memberships are perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives — especially those with a growth mindset, those preparing for an upcoming launch or rebrand, those looking to connect more authentically with their ideal clients, or those wanting to promote their business with more confidence.

    How do I prepare for a branding photoshoot?

    With our help! We’ll walk you through every step of the way to expertly provide on-brand images that help tell your story. If you’re looking to get started, check out some of the blog posts below…

    What are my location options for shooting?

    As a Branding Photography Member, you always have access to the Adrienne Fletcher Photography studio but we can also shoot on-location at your office or anywhere else that makes sense for your brand; a coffee shop, in nature, downtown, any public place that allows photography, and/or any private location that you already have permission and access to. There is always the option of rental locations but any third-party rentals and/or location permit fees are the client’s responsibility. We’ll discuss in depth what location or locations make the most sense for your needs.

    Do you include hair and makeup?

    Hair and makeup is not included for sessions but I am happy to refer you to wonderful professionals in our area.

    How much strategy guidance will be included?

    Adrienne has a BFA in photography and Master’s in PR. Before transitioning to full-time photography she worked as a marketing director in several different industries. The mixture of these two passions, photography and marketing, means there will be as much guidance as you’d like when it comes to strategy. All Branding clients start with an in-depth questionnaire and initial strategy meeting, and then additional strategy meetings will be scheduled out before any upcoming sessions.

    Do you include any copywriting?

    No, but happy again to refer out for this.

    Do you include any social media posts creation?

    I will provide help with social media strategy, the images, and often some behind-the-scenes video but do not provide finished posts or help with scheduling. I do have some awesome people I can refer you to for this as well though.

    What is the minimum membership commitment?

    All Branding Photography Memberships are a 12-month contract.

    What if I need to cancel my membership?

    If you need to cancel please let us know ASAP and we can review your request or look into another solution. There is a $500 penalty to terminate a membership.

    What if I need to reschedule my upcoming shoot?

    No problemo. There is no penalty for rescheduling an upcoming shoot once but more than once will insure a $75 re-schedule fee. There is no re-schedule fee added if rescheduling is due to weather.

    Can I carry over sessions if I don’t use them all within 12 months?

    Sorry, sessions cannot carry over if not used within the 12-month contract but we’ll work as a team to avoid that from happening!